Work should fit your life

At Labour Xchange we know that many brilliant people are excluded from work as they have existing commitments, often due to antiquated recruitment methods employers are unable to accommodate specific working patterns, especially for lower skilled positions.

Our platform was created especially for:

  • The under employed – If you have an existing part time job or zero-hour contract but need more work, it can be almost impossible to find an employer who will accommodate an existing role
  • Parents – Anyone who has been a parent, knows that finding work to fit around school hours, can be like looking for gold dust.
  • Carers – Individuals looking after older relatives or neighbours often get a few hours respite each week where they would like to work locally, not only to increase their income but meet people.
  • People who are sick and tired of applying to role after role and registering to job board after to job without the decency of any reply. At Labour Xchange once your profile is created all work comes to you.
  • People who are looking for hours to fit around their personal circumstances such as a disability.

Historically these groups have been ignored and side-lined in recruitment processes, well not anymore as Labour xchange is your champion and everything we do is built around providing you opportunities.

Work that Fits your Life
Labour Xchange

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Empowering people

Work should be fair

At Labour Xchange we believe all work should be fair on both the worker and employer, this means the worker is paid well and treated with respect and dignity. We live and breathe our beliefs and therefore when you join Labour xchange you can expect:

  • To set your own rates; however, never be paid less than the “Real living wage”
  • Keep all the money you earn; we will not charge you a penny
  • We are accredited by the “Living wage foundation” so you can be assured of no nasty surprises
  • If you work, you get paid, no if’s no buts
  • If an employer wants to hire you permanently, we do everything feasible to facilitate this as we want you to do well
  • We are endorsed and supported by Community Trade Union

We have a simple social mission, to enable people like you to earn more in their spare time. We use technology to reduce costs, which means you can be paid more than industry averages whilst the business booking you for work keeps their costs low. This creates a win for you and a win for business meaning more pay, more bookings and more work for everyone.

Being honest and decent isn’t that difficult and to be blunt we are not sure why all companies do not operate like this.

Work should be Real

Is there anything more frustrating than when you apply for work and never hear a reply? Did the role actually exist or did you do/say something wrong on the application?

The Labour Xchange process is very different as the work comes to you, through a five step process:

  • Create your profile; this is where you tell potential employers about yourself
  • Prospective employers matching your availability and location contact you through our platform
  • You then accept or refuse the work
  • You turn up and get paid

For many people there is a step six, if you turn up and do a great job often an employer may offer a more permanent position if that suits you.

Labour Xchange

Making a Difference​​

Labour Xchange

for people with a conscience

Work should provide more than just money

All work should provide the worker more than just a financial reward, it should contribute to building an individual’s experience and skills to help create better opportunities in the long term. In addition, work should also provide a sense of achievements and fulfilment.

To ensure work is more than just he sum of its parts at Labour xchange we:

  • Have partnered with and endorsed by Community trade union to ensure you always have access to the best possible support.
  • Provide career pathways, enabling you to upskill and train, creating new opportunities for you to access.
  • Have a fair open and honest matching system, which will prioritise your skills, aptitude and ability and not just on what type of work you have done previously.
  • Ensure by access to smaller pieces of work you can build up your experience, creating more opportunities in the long term.
  • Provide access to opportunities and roles which may have previously been excluded to you.

We are not perfect, but we have your best interest at heart

Everything we do at Labour Xchange is about creating income and opportunities for you. We firmly believe that the vast majority of businesses are great employers who want to do the right thing, and the vast majority of people are diligent and hardworking.

Our philosophy is simple, if you create a fair, open and efficient way for businesses and individuals to connect you will create a true win win for everyone.

If you have any comments or queries, we would love you hear from you

Labour Xchange

Making a Difference​​

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If you find looking for work challenging, cant find work that fits around you? Then Labour Xchnage is your work finder tool.

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System is available 24 hours to update your details or look for support.​

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Labour Xchange is not just about finding work, its about support, help and information.

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Our support team are available for questions, info or help.​

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The Labour Xchange system allows you to decide how local you want to be.

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Our communication tools allow for easy contact and help.​

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Finding the right job for you

By using the Labour Xchange platform search tools, it allows the job you are looking to find you and fits in with your requirements.