The vital role of the automotive industry & post-Brexit anxieties

The vital role of the automotive industry & post-Brexit anxieties Article

The car industry in the UK plays a vital part to our economy, employing thousands of workers across multiple manufacturers and plants. The uncertain future of Brexit, especially a no-deal-Brexit, could mean delays at borders, endless paperwork and an increase in both tariffs and trade costs for manufacturers. In turn, putting pressure on an already uncertain automotive industry within the UK.

Honda confirmed in mid-May that they would be closing their plant in Swindon by 2021 with the loss of 3,500 jobs and now Nissan are looking at 12,500 job cuts globally with 8000 of those being within the UK.

Nissan provides 7000 of those jobs to employees in the North East of the UK with one of its biggest workforces at its Sunderland based plant. While 2000 cars a day are produced at this plant the manufacturer is looking to decrease its production by 10% worldwide.

So what does post-Brexit look like for this company and its workers?

Although there are serious concerns for the future of the Sunderland plant, trade unions are hopeful that there will be no more job cuts aside from the 500 voluntary redundancies which have already taken place.

The full implications of Brexit are not going to be known for some time, are you aware of how it will effect you, your business or your income?



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