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Large volume recruitment

Any single site that employs a substantial number of staff can often find themselves sapping the local labour supply dry. Whether a factory, distribution centre or other people intensive operation, often the demand for local staff can outstrip local supply.

This can lead to staff being hired and shipped in from many miles away, which has a number of negative consequences which may include:

  • Increased carbon footprint from staff travel
  • A decrease of local goodwill in the community, as jobs are outsourced outside the area
  • Travel costs may increase the cost pressure from workers for higher wages
  • A break in the local circular economy, as wages are taken outside of the local area
  • A less flexible workforce due to increase commute time

As Labour Xchange can access a large volume of excellent, experienced workers that are often ignored in the traditional recruitment process, we are able to work with you to ensure your staffing needs are met locally. Our studies and operations have demonstrated that in any given area we are able to increase the local supply by at least 15%.

So instead of looking for further afield for your staffing needs, work with us and employ the local underemployed, parents and carers for a greener, more socially inclusive and efficient future.

Labour Xchange

Making a Difference​​

Labour Exchange Work training and pathways
Labour Xchange

Empowering people

Training and pathways

Although our platform is open for all people to sign up and register, we are able to work with employers to create specific “training pathways” which individuals can then go through to make them applicable specifically for your employment.

We have worked with a number of sectors to create bespoke “training pathways”, which will enable your business to access staff specifically trained and pre inducted for your business.

We invite individuals to complete the “training pathways” using our advanced AI which helps guide people to the most suitable training. Individuals are able to upskill themselves, learning new skills (which you have specified) and gaining new opportunities whilst you are able to gain access to a pre trained and pre inducted workforce.

We have created pathways for the Care, logistics and hospitality sector and have an in-depth knowledge on how to create an easy to complete yet thorough pathway for any sector. We can work with your business to help create a bespoked trained candidate pool.

The training and pathways are another way in which we create a win win for businesses and workers alike.

Integration and APIs

Recruitment lead times can often cripple business operations; however, a lack of central control can lead to a chaotic and ineffective recruitment process. Therefore we are able to link into your existing management software, creating an automatic recruitment journey where required.

We are able to create bespoke recruiting and structured hierarchy to ensure your desired layers of management are able to access staff quicky, efficiently and cost effectively.

Our software is built in a modular way, enabling us to integrate in an entirely bespoke way to your business.

We believe recruitment neither has to be difficult nor expensive and can work with you to create an optimum recruitment journey for your operations.

Labour Xchange integrations and API's
Labour Xchange

Making a Difference​​

Labour Xchange helps
with connecting to candidates that work for you

If you find looking for candidates challenging, cant find the people  that fit your business? Then Labour Xchange is your tool to use.

24 Hrs Access

System is available 24 hours to look fro new candidates.​

Access to Work Pathways

Labour Xchange is not just about finding candidates, it so much more

Quick Response

Our support team are available for questions, info or help.​


The Labour Xchange system allows you to decide how local to your business you want to search

Easy Communication

Our communication tools allow for easy contact and help.​

Working People

Finding the right candidate for your business

By using the Labour Xchange platform search tools, it allows your business to find the candidate that and fits in with your requirements.