Concept VS Actuality – What Should Work Be?

Cogs and Gears

It should be enriching – and I don’t just mean for your wallet.

Being a part of the working world should be a rewarding and lucrative experience. It should offer new experiences, chances to learn new skills and, most importantly, enrich your personal life – be it mentally, physically or both.

You may be thinking that the “perfect job” might be out of reach, or requires too many qualifications or a mountain of experience – but to believe so is to put your worst foot forward.

Opportunities are abundant, now more than ever, across the vast majority of industries and are just waiting for the right people to find them.

The dream for many is to find a job that makes them happy and is enjoyable. An enjoyable job is a job that will see maximum input and production from those doing it. It’s the best of both worlds for everyone involved and it’s what work should be all about.

So why is it just a “dream”?

Nobody wants to drag themselves out of bed every day and contribute to something they don’t care about. Nobody wants to watch someone just go through the motions and go home. Nobody wins when this is happening – but it often becomes a reality in a job market that doesn’t cater to any ones needs.

There are no bad jobs – only those individuals that are in the wrong place. Finding the right person for the right job is the key to the “dream” becoming reality and the reality is well within reach.

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