Work when it suits you

in Sunderland!

Choose Where!

All work will be in your immediate local area, so thereu2019s no need to stress about travelling long distances or taking part in a tedious commute. This has the additional benefit of never eating into your free time u2013 the importance of which we are all too aware of.

Choose When!

All of our positions are also catered to fit around your routine and way of life; designed in such a way to suit needs of parents, individuals that are already employed seeking extra income and those looking to ease themselves back into the working world.

Choose Fair!

Youu2019ll also be earning the Real Living Wage , which is key to our ethos. This means that youu2019ll reap all of the benefits of: fewer worries about income, a better quality of life and an overall healthier lifestyle.


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Choose when and where you want to work and earn some extra income that suits your lifestyle.

You can find hours to fit around your current employment, parental responsibilities and other commitments.