Finding Staff when you need them

Anyone who has ever managed a business knows one of the single most challenging aspects is balancing staffing levels to demand. This is further exacerbated when changing or unexpected circumstances come into the mix, for we know the feeling of desperation when:

  • A member of staff calls in sick
  • A member of staff goes on holiday or leaves
  • A large amount of business comes in and you just don’t have the capacity to complete/fulfil it
  • You desperately need new permanent staff, but the recruitment processes you are using haven’t found any suitable candidates.

The Labour Xchange platform enables you to book a worker in 10 minutes and they could be at your premises within an hour. This is possible as our platform works around the availability of the individual we already have thousands of people ready and waiting to fill your staffing gaps.

Unlike job boards or other recruitment methods our process is simple and quick for individuals to sign up, which means we have a large candidate pool for you to access only a few clicks away; so whether its cover for one hour this coming Wednesday or a permanent role we have the people ready and willing to work.

Labour Xchange on the Ground
Labour Xchange

Making a Difference​​


Empowering people

Find people everyone else ignores

We know how challenging it can be to find the right people for your business, however we also know how different and easy the recruitment process can be.

If we told you some of the best individuals are hidden from your present recruitment process and there are literally millions of excellent, experienced workers, who are side-lined across the UK, you probably wouldn’t believe us.

However, we know for a fact (as we have them on our platform), there are millions of excellent, experienced people willing to work but who are excluded by the recruitment industry such as

  • Under employed
  • Parents
  • Carers
  • Individuals alienated by the recruitment industry

As we understand these people we have created technology and methodology that enables these people to work in a way that suits them. This means we have access to a candidate pool you will not find anywhere else.

An efficient and fair way to get staff

Getting staff is expensive and time-consuming right?

Well in general yes, it seems whatever method you try whether agency, job boards, local newspapers etc there is a catch; either you end up paying through the nose, it takes an age to find someone or worst-case scenario you end up finding no one.

This is one of the reasons we created Labour Xchange, as it does not have to be like that. We have used technology to automate the entire process which means you can access and book candidates at a touch of button as such, our costs are a fraction of most other methods.

Although our platform is perfect to fill temporary staffing gaps it is also revolutionary when trying to hire for a permanent role. Book someone for a work trial (paid obviously) and then if it all works out, offer them a permanent role. The best way to see if someone is right for your business is to see them work in your business; you only pay a hire fee if you actually hire someone which is less than a local newspaper ad.

True risk free and cost-effective recruitment.

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Labour Xchange

Making a Difference​​

Click, Click, Staff
Labour Xchange

for people with a conscience

Click, click staff

So, whether you are looking for cover next week or a permanent hire, get the right people in a matter of a few clicks.

In addition to being the most cost effective and proactive way to get staff by using Labour xchange you are safe in knowledge you are working with an ethical and socially minded company; we are endorsed and supported by:

Labour Xchange helps
with connecting to candidates that work for you

If you find looking for candidates challenging, cant find the people  that fit your business? Then Labour Xchange is your tool to use.

24 Hrs Access

System is available 24 hours to look fro new candidates.​

Access to Work Pathways

Labour Xchange is not just about finding candidates, it so much more

Quick Response

Our support team are available for questions, info or help.​


The Labour Xchange system allows you to decide how local to your business you want to search

Easy Communication

Our communication tools allow for easy contact and help.​

Working People

Finding the right candidate for your business

By using the Labour Xchange platform search tools, it allows your business to find the candidate that and fits in with your requirements.