Fundamental Foundations

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Find a job you enjoy and you’ll never work a day in your life.

That’s the saying – and I’ve often dismissed this notion and scoffed that no work is fun. There’s a lot of varying ways to look at what work is. Many see it as a means to an end and only do their job to pay the bills, earn some extra spending money or to support their families.

Others dislike working and just show up – I’ve met a few individuals like this in my time, but to be honest, I just think they weren’t in the right job role.

I’ve had several jobs in my life and believe me when I say that I absolutely hated one of them because I never wanted to work in the first place at that time in my life – still, swings and roundabouts and it being what it was, I did it because I had to until I couldn’t.

The job that sticks out to me was my very first job role at a local theme park and the story behind it is relevant to my point about work being fun – if it’s right for you.

I was a member of the catering staff and I’d often be moved from several different food counters. The one in the middle of the park was a small ice cream outlet that I’d have to work at alone. 7-8 long, boring hours standing at a till, waiting for customers so I could tell them that we only had 1 flavour, despite advertising several.

More and more often I’d be dumped at this outlet and I detested it. One day, after weeks of working alone, I was finally put somewhere else with a couple of other people. I was so relieved to finally get some social interaction with my fellow workers – I was actually excited for the working day.

Until the individual at the ice cream counter was sent home sick and I was ordered to take their place. I asked if there was nobody else that could do it, as I was fed up of being there alone for 8 hours a day. I was told no – fair enough.

That was it for me though. The final straw.

When someone came to cover my lunchbreak I told them to stick it and went home.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I quickly realised that I had disliked it so much because of being stuck alone in a working environment – that wasn’t my cup of tea at all and I was unable to build upon a foundations that wasn’t right for me,

However, it may have been a perfect job for someone that actually thrives when working alone.

The job I have now, some 20 years later, is very enjoyable – as was my previous job in retail as part of a large team. The banter, camaraderie and working as a part of a tightly knit team that got good results was a very rewarding experience. I learned so much in that role and I’m still growing now in my current role.

Having jobs I’ve enjoyed has also made a massive difference to my mental health – something that I’ve struggled with for the majority of my life.

It’s important beyond words that you find a position that you enjoy – you don’t have to love every single second of it, but you have to like what you’re doing otherwise you’ll suffer – sometimes in ways that you can’t see.

The working world is absolutely limitless right now – there’re more job roles than I can think of and in the current climate, more and more businesses are changing their views on what they require. It’s important to never sell yourself short and aim as high as you like – college and university qualifications are great, sure – but they aren’t what defines you as a person.

Remember that.

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