Getting Back Into Work: The Fear of Failure

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It’s something that nearly all of us will experience. It’s a natural part of life and growing as a person. We fear the unknown and sometimes we fear the known even more. The world of working is no exception when it comes to the fear of failure.

This is especially true when it comes to finding a new job.

I myself have been there several times – lost in that feeling of should I or shouldn’t I? The worry that I’d be worse off by finding a job. That’s a strange ideology in and of itself, I know but that’s because there can be dozens of different things that can cloud ones judgment.

For myself it’s been a mixed bag of mental health issues, fear of failure/success and the responsibility being too overwhelming. Now, everyone is different and what I’ve personally experienced may be completely different from another individuals experiences.

However, in broad strokes, fear of failure is a very real hurdle to overcome for hundreds of thousands of individuals. Giving advice on the subject can be tricky as each individuals interpretation can differ but I’d always suggest one thing: don’t overthink things.

Overthinking can be a real killer, especially when it involves anything to do with fear or stress – there’s nothing quite like increasing the magnitude of a situation tenfold by overthinking things. Within the world of work, it’s important to remember that people are exactly that – people.

People are all individual and have their own personalities, quirks, feelings, beliefs and identities. Fear of failure is natural and can be overcome, just like most things we’ll all face in life. To those looking to get back into work: just remember that nothing is insurmountable. We as a species have proven that time and time again.

Believe in yourself and others will follow suit and believe in you to.

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