Harmony in Work

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Today I’d like to talk about staff morale and how it effects a business.

Let’s start with the positive: When a business has a tightly knit team of individuals, whom get along with one another and enjoy their work, the results show and not just numerically. When staff members are happy, they’re flourishing as individual’s – and that’s important.

In fact, it’s the most important part of any business. There’s always that myth circulating that “nobody likes their job” no matter what they’re doing – that people are only working for the money and nothing else. There’s a grain of truth to this sentiment, but only because of a stigma that hangs over entry-level positions.

I’m not suggesting that every member of staff needs to love their job, but at the very least they should be enjoying what they’re doing in the workplace – and if they’re not, then that needs to be examined. Not every job role will fit every person and there’s nothing wrong with that, but unfortunately this can lead to a hire-and-fire mentality within a business that’s trying to force the perfect fit.

On the other hand: When morale is low, nobody enjoys their work and nobody is thriving – a domino effect that’s highly infectious. In no way am I trying to suggest instigating Witch Hunts to weed out those staff that may be “damaging” the morale – this is one of the single most damaging things any employer could possibly do.

The solutions aren’t always readily available at the click of a button – I know. Harmonising anything is a long, laborious task but it’s well worth the effort. One of the biggest issues to creating such a harmony, for the benefit of all, is there’s so many different individuals out there – how do we find everyone their preferred fit?

If only there was an automatic system that could match an individual’s wants and needs with an employer that’s seeking them. A system that’s fair and ethical. A system without commitments.

A system that works.

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