Mackie’s Corner, but not the kind you are thinking of

Mackie’s Corner, but not the kind you are thinking of Article

The Hutchinson’s Buildings, also known as Mackie’s Corner have been a part of Sunderland’s history since Victorian times. The building needs major renovations both inside and out, but local property developer Henry Kirtley is aiming to find a balance between key historic features and updating the building for modern uses.

With the potential to hold 30+ businesses there looks to be an exciting mix of local and small business tenants, such as a photography studio, a bespoke bar, a distillery and an events space. This buildings renovations will allow smaller businesses to grow and the permission to improve the historic features will coincide with the larger multi-million pound private development to attract business to the city. In turn, creating more opportunities and jobs for people living in Sunderland.

More projects like this across the UK which are supporting the smaller business contribute positively to the local economy and not only create opportunities for work but also for people who may not have access to or be employable by large corporations and companies.


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