New technological developments

New technolgical developments Article

We have had an exciting few months with new technological developments. In March we finished our Innovate UK project to develop and AI that matches permanent workers on inherent skills rather than recent experience. We also completed the MVP for “Care xchange” our dedicated care platform that links with the main platform to introduce part time workers into the world of care.

RAISE (Recruitment Artifical Intellegence for Social Equality)
In January we started a project funded by Innovate UK the create a proof of concept that AI can be used in recruitment to promote better social equality. We started the project from a unique position, instead of looking at people as groups along race or gender grounds we wanted to understand why some people irrespective of background are left behind in the recruitment processes for low skilled work. The journey of discovery we had during the project was breath taking and we gained some very interesting insights that add further to our existing knowledge base.

At the end of the project, we had gained the following:

​Proof of concept that inherent skills can be primarily used as a recruitment selection criteria rather than traditional selection process
An AI that promotes social mobility and dramatically reduces recruitment time and cost
We have produced an entirely new conceptual way to recruit and would be happy to share or finding if you want to drop us a note.

Care Xchange
Pre pandemic shortages in care staff were at an alarming level nationwide with some estimates that 150k vacancies were unfilled, this was at the same time millions of people were underemployed and unable to find work that fits around their existing commitments. Post pandemic both of the issues have become have become even more prevalent.

For the past year we have been working with local authority partners to design and create the Care xchange to effectively deal with the existing care staffing issues. The new addition to the Labour xchange platform helps migrate Labour xchange users into the world of care by creating an easy and seamless onboarding process.

With our MVP complete we go live with the new platform this month are
genuinely excited to see the difference we can make for people receiving and working in care. We would love to share how the platform works with you, so please drop us a line to find out more.


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