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Importance of Finding Your Place

Ah yes. The grind – the daily slog of going through the working day. I’ve been there. I’ve lived it. There were good days and ...
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Never Neglect the Customer

Those of you that have recently tried to get a doctor’s appointment or, heavens forbid, have gone to A&E will most likely know what I’m ...
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The Power Crisis

Not often do I like to play the prophet of doom. We have enough of that in the daily news as it is – but ...
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Appreciation – The Importance of a Pat on the Back

I’ve said it once, but it’s always worth repeating that work should be a rewarding experience. A key part of that reward should be appreciation ...
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Getting Back Into Work: The Fear of Failure

It’s something that nearly all of us will experience. It’s a natural part of life and growing as a person. We fear the unknown and ...
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What We Do Isn’t Who We Are

The majority of us live in a small world – or a small life in a vast world, so to speak. What I mean by ...
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