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The Importance of Skillsets

Skillsets are an interesting element of life to define. Most people have a suite of skillsets or toolkits built into their beings and don’t even …

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Is work still working?

“Cost of living crisis”, “Energy price hike” and “Inflation” are the new buzz terms we hear everyday all throughout the media. Clearly costs for the …

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Overtime – Unprepared or Undermined?

Would you like some overtime? It’s a question that offers relief or recoil. So many times in my life I’ve been asked if I’d like …

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Professional and Personal Development

Personal and professional development go hand-in-hand with one another. There’s a lot that one can learn and apply from one to the other. Development is …

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The Importance of Balance

It’s a buzz-phrase that many like to throw around in conversation, but what does it actually mean? It means pretty much what it says – …

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Single Parents, Singled Out

Parenthood is no easy task at the best of times. The responsibilities are endless and time is always against you. You have to be their …

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