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A staffing crisis and cost of living crisis

r Historically staffing crisis and cost of living crisis have occurred at different times. The UK and world in general are both in new territory …

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New technological developments

We have had an exciting few months with new technological developments. In March we finished our Innovate UK project to develop and AI that matches …

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Labour xchange comes to Sunderland

We have launched in Sunderland, working with Sunderland council to encourage economic regeneration and income growth. They have issued the following press release: ​ PEOPLE …

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A working oxymoron

Let’s ponder a very interesting set of circumstances, that is creating a working oxymoron, where unemployment is at record recent levels at the same time …

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Respect works two ways

We are quite grumpy when it comes to low paid workers and the current provisions for them by governments and the private sector. Often solutions …

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The vital role of the automotive industry & post-Brexit anxieties

The car industry in the UK plays a vital part to our economy, employing thousands of workers across multiple manufacturers and plants. The uncertain future …

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