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Anyone or any organisation who deals with families and real people on a regular basis is aware of a simple fact, many people are struggling to not only prosper but merely get by. It seems that the costs of life continue to grow where most people’s incomes seem static and spread thinner and further.

It is a well-documented fact that most people’s life outcomes, from education to health is greatly improved if their incomes increase, even if by a small margin. Unfortunately, other than ensuring individuals are receiving the appropriate benefits previously there has been very little one can do to assist in the everyday struggle for individuals/families especially when they are not available for full-time work.

Labour xchange has been created for people who most need a little extra income, it is a platform where individuals chose when and where they are available and then the work comes to them. It is a platform routed in real life, one which is designed to work around the busy and demanding lives of everyday people, one which is there to empower people.

On the Ground
Labour Xchange

Making a Difference​​

Labour Xchange Educators

Empowering people

For Educators

One of the hardest things for anyone who works in education is to watch a child not reach its full potential due to something so rudimentarily basic like they are not receiving enough nutrition. It can feel soul destroying knowing a talented and gifted individual is held back by the socio-economic circumstances of their family.

Although the educator can feel frustrated, this is nothing compared to feeling of despair that the parents feel, knowing despite their best efforts they are unable to give their child the start in life they wanted to. As a parent, the odds are greatly stacked against you when finding work, as it seems like chasing the mythical unicorn when looking for work that fits around your child’s school’s hours.

This perverse injustice is further amplified in the fact that these parents who desperately want to work and yet are unable to find suitable hours are often some of the best workers available.

Labour Xchange was created specifically for such situations, its unique platform allows parents to choose the hours they want to work, and then the work comes to them as businesses search for the hours, they need working. There are no long CVs or hoops to jump through, just a simple and efficient process. Although the platform primarily helps parents increase their income, it can also act as an excellent gateway back into employment by providing ad-hoc bite size work providing confidence and experience for the individual, especially if they have been out of the workforce for some time.

We want to work with educators to help the parents of their students earn more money, and if you have had enough of looking on helplessly whilst a child’s talent goes to waste due to family circumstances contact us on admin@labourxchange.uk to discuss how you could promote our platform to your parents.

Community groups

All communities can be thriving, cohesive and prosperous with it taking effort, time and commitment to build these strong communities. Community based organisations play a pivotal and vital role in giving the local people the building blocks that enable them to come together create the strong cohesive neighbourhood.

One of the most destabilising element’s for any community is poverty, often when individuals are unable to make ends meet they do not have the mental or physical capacity to participate in their local community. Equally it can be extremely difficult for a local community leader see local people suffer due to their inability to earn enough money.

Labour xchange understand that often there are two key barriers preventing people from finding work to earn more:

1 – They have caring commitments to family or community members. With someone relying on them it is vital all work fits first and foremost around their caring commitments and unfortunately current recruitment methods often do not allow for this.

2 – They already have a job but the hours are insufficient and finding additional work that fits around it is almost impossible.

Labour Xchange has been designed specifically for these people, enabling them to choose when and where they are available for work, it is flexible and can be changed as and when the individual requires, e.g. weekly rota is publicised. There are no long application processes as such once they have selected their availability they can sit back and let the work come to them.

We want to work with community leaders to help people earn more money and if you want to throw those in your community a financial lifeline contact admin@labourxchange.uk to discuss how you could promote our platform to your local neighbourhood

Community Groups
Labour Xchange

Making a Difference​​

Being Concious
Labour Xchange

for people with a conscience

Being Conscientious

Anyone embedded in real life knows things are tough for everyday people. Whether you are part of charity, political group, community organisation etc you will know a few extra pounds in peoples pockets has never been so needed.

Labour Xchange provides people the chance to increase their incomes by working only when it suites them and unlike the “silicon valley” platforms such as Uber everything we do is based around benefiting the individual. We have certain unshakeable principles:

  1. All work is on the individual’s terms, hours and location
  2. The process is simple and easy to understand
  3. The individual keeps all the money they earn, we or the hirer never make any deductions
  4. The individual is always paid at least the “Real living wage”
  5. We work with and are supported by Community Trade Union

We want to work with compassionate and caring people to help people in society earn more money,  so if you want to help provide the change in peoples lives contact admin@labourxchange.uk to discuss how you could promote our platform to your local neighbourhood

Refusing to Sit Back

If like us you want to be pioneer for a new world or work, if like us you are not afraid to take risks in creating a better working tomorrow, if like us you are not afraid to put your principles and people before profit contact admin@labourxchange.uk to discuss how you could promote our platform to your local neighbourhood

Refusing to Sit Back
Labour Xchange

Refusing to sit back

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