Progression and Unity

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As individual’s we all want to succeed and progress through life – taking steps to improve ourselves, our hobbies, our lives. This is true in the workplace as well, especially when it comes to careers.

Climbing that ladder can be as frustrating as it is rewarding. Still, there’s always the bigger picture and in this case it’s a very big picture…

Not many people stop to think about is their contribution on a broader level – their contributions to the world around them and to society. Well, if you’re reading this then you should take a moment to think about that.

Not everyone is currently working and that’s fine – there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve been in a position where I was unable to work for several years and I remember all that time thinking it didn’t matter if I was contributing or not.

An easy stance to take when you’re in the position I was in, but now I’m back in the working world again, and seeing an impact from my actions, I’m happier than I’ve been a long, long time. Opportunities rarely come knocking at your door though and I’ve been incredibly lucky!

That’s where the unity bit comes in, on several different levels…

I had the unity of friends and family to fully support me through some dark times and come out the other side and I’ll forever be grateful to them all. Everyone needs someone to lean on and it’s only human – for those that feel they have no-one, please reach out to someone, anyone, just to talk. Your GP will always lend you their ear and do all they can to help.

Another part of unity, and progression, comes from creating opportunities for others and yourself through work. Never underestimate the ability you have to create a real change – even if it’s as simple as making your co-workers laugh or smile. You’re improving someone’s life just by being you and that’s important to remember.

Progressing together and creating opportunities together and helping one another – that’s one of the things work should encompass.

And if there’s one thing that’s available in spades right now within the working world it’s opportunities!

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