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Local Authorities

Labour Xchange can be the “glue” that pulls together a Local Authority Employment Regeneration Programme.

These programmes are put together to provide training and employment to individuals who have the skills or training they need in order to get into the labour market.

Labour Xchange can add and create the environment to engage with the individual’s targeted in a scheme and also give them support and guidance into getting a better job.  Our unique way of engaging with people on low incomes, insecure work puts us in the ideal place to help provide the structure for a employment regeneration programme 

Local Authorities
Labour Xchange

Regenerating Employment

Skilss for Care Care Employment Stats Oct21
Care Xchange

Care recruitment but different

Public Sector Care

Skills for Care have highlighted key recruitment/employment facts in the Adult Social Care workforce, such as:

  • 6.8% of roles in adult social care were vacant in 2020/21. This is equivalent to 105,000 vacancies being advertised on an average day.
  • The staff turnover rate of directly employed staff working in the adult social care sector was 28.5% in 2020/21. This equates to approximately 410,000 people leaving their jobs over the course of the year. Most leavers don’t leave the sector. Around 63% of jobs were recruited from other roles within the sector.
  • Our forecasts show that if the adult social care workforce grows proportionally to the projected number of people aged 65 and over in the population between 2020 and 2035, an increase of 29% (490,000 extra jobs) would be required by 2035.
  • Since March 2021, the opening up of the wider economy has been reported by employers to be adversely affecting retention, with many reporting that recruitment and retention is now more difficult than before the pandemic.

So how can these stats be improved? It would seem that now is the time for change in the way we recruit, train and retain people in the care sector, Labour Xchange has created an industry specific platform called “Care Xchange” which has the ability to provide this, click to find out more below.

Health Service and Integrated Care

As health systems and social care become further integrated it will become increasingly apparent the one resource all provides share is extremely finite and limited, their STAFF.

One of the unspoken realities of all care provision is that although there is an all time high demand for staff, often existing members of staff maybe under utilised and though they would like to work more hours they are unable to.

The Care Xchange “staff share” platform enables participating Local authorities and Health providers to facilitate the sharing of spare staffing capacity among all commissioned providers.
As the platform can hold all staff documentation centrally, we are able to seamlessly facilitate all providers in an area sharing existing staff capacity to provide maximum care coverage.

This can ensure care staff reach their desired earning potential and additional resources are created and implemented for the community.

Health Care
Labour Xchange

Making a Difference​​

Labour Xchange helps
with connecting to candidates that work for you

If you find looking for candidates challenging, cant find the people  that fit your business? Then Labour Xchange is your tool to use.

24 Hrs Access

System is available 24 hours to look fro new candidates.​

Access to Work Pathways

Labour Xchange is not just about finding candidates, it so much more

Quick Response

Our support team are available for questions, info or help.​


The Labour Xchange system allows you to decide how local to your business you want to search

Easy Communication

Our communication tools allow for easy contact and help.​

Working People

Finding the right candidate is important

By using the Labour Xchange platform search tools, it allows your business to find the candidate that and fits in with your requirements.