Respect works two ways

Respect works two ways Article

We are quite grumpy when it comes to low paid workers and the current provisions for them by governments and the private sector. Often solutions for the working low paid are created by individuals who have little understanding of their circumstances and address problems which often are not even on their radar.

We believe the problems faced by the low paid and low skilled are often made worse by well-intentioned highly educated people see them as a group to be pitied or saved and create fixes to non-existent problems.

In general, we have found low paid/skilled individuals to be resilient, hard working and determined but are faced with a system and economy that is stacked against them. They need to be treated with respect and dignity, not pity, and need to be given opportunities not charity.


As always, we believe the best way to help those on low pay is to give them the opportunity to increase their income in a way that is convenient to them, and we have discovered the best way to do this is remove barriers between them and employers. Experience and skills are often best achieved through real work experience, so we know that every piece of work people gain through our platform is one step closer to a more prosperous life. This is best demonstrated in one of candidates “Hassan” who had been unemployed for four years prior to joining Labour Xchange, after one week he got his first booking and then two repeat bookings leading to the offer of permanent work. Hassan is now a supervisor and training to be a manager (a job well done).

Not everyone shares our belief in the low paid/skilled, but we would love to hear your thoughts.


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