The Ease of Access

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The world of technology is ever advancing in leaps and bounds. Even now in the year 2022 we can hold an entire computer in the palm of our hands and gain access to anything pretty much anywhere.

This accessibility is so often taken for granted. When was the last time you really thought about it? Having the power to find out nearly anything by just reaching into your pocket and asking your phone – it’s kind of incredible when you think about it.

Still, I often wonder if it’s a gift or a curse. Having such an easy means of accessing countless sources of information and media has, by default, made me a lazier individual. On the other hand, it’s also made me a fairly knowledgeable individual as well. Gone are the days of walking to the local library to find a reference and gone are the days of having to wait to watch the next episode of a series.

It’s all right there, in our hands.

This power is not to be underestimated. When opinions can become fact just because it gets enough likes on social media – that’s a scary thought. On the flip side, this accessibility has given everyone a voice to be heard with – and so I sit and wonder if we’re only as right as the thumbs up count tells us or if we’re only as smart as our devices.

Knowledge is power – that’s certainly a fact… of is that just my opinion? See where it can get hazy now?

One thing I will say though, with great certainty, is that technology has and will always be the driving factor that defines society and I advocate it fully.

Yet, even now as I write this, I ponder what society would be like without this technology…


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