The Power Crisis

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Not often do I like to play the prophet of doom. We have enough of that in the daily news as it is – but today I’d like to shine some light on a serious impending national crisis. Pardon the pun.

As 2022 progresses, the price of energy is going to literally skyrocket. I’m not fearmongering and I’m not underselling the issue. You can test this yourself – go and pick up your phone and call your energy company yourself and you’ll find out first hand what’s coming.

Better yet, do what my good friend did and try and switch energy companies because I guarantee that not one of them will take you on as a customer right now and will tell you the same thing he was told by no less than FIVE different energy providers:

“You’re best off just staying with who you’re with”.

It’s obvious why this isn’t getting any coverage and is being glossed over by the media as something normal – but it’s not. The figures my friend was given to begin a new tariff were more than double what he is currently paying – hence why he went on to try and find a new provider.

This, in conjunction with the price rises everywhere else, has the potential to cripple a lot of people – especially those paying for gas and electric that are on benefits such as Universal Credit.

I genuinely hope that the government takes into account individuals circumstances before people are lumped with a bill they can’t pay or are left without power or heating – during winter no less.

Perhaps, somehow, things will take a turn and I’m wrong – I’d welcome that reality wholeheartedly. However, when five different energy companies refuse a new customer back to back…

Well – let’s just hope for the best but I’ll be coming a very close eye on this situation going forward.

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